Could Someone Please Explain Crazy to Me?

This is crazy. Somebody explain this to me, please. Really, I am serious, I do not understand how these things happen within humanity.

In 2005, Colombian police raided a drug establishment where they found 10 puppies. Six of these Labrador pups had three grams each of heroin surgically implanted in their abdomens. Three pups died from infection post-op, the rest have been rescued and are doing well. One is even being trained by the police to become a drug-sniffing dog (that rocks).

I have never taken drugs. I have never even been offered drugs, never even seen any form of commonly known illegal susbstances whatsoever. Granted, my view of the drug world is skewed. But how the hell anyone thinks they could use an animal to conceal drugs is abso-freaking-lutely moonbat insane.

I am a sensitive person, I grudgingly admit I am easily shocked. But I am even more easily motivated into action against people like this - excuse me, not people but moonbat insane crackpot dirtbag lame-o's like this. Be warned you freaks of nature who don't derserve the right to call yourselves human...the rest of the animal loving world WILL NOT tolerate this kind of disgusting abuse. We have eyes to watch you, ears to listen for your suffering pet and mouths to speak out in protest of your pathtic behavior.

Kudos to the Colombian police for their rescue efforts.

Fight on, friends.


Become a Pet Guardian Angel

As always, the Humane Society of the United States is working to educate us all on ways we can save animals from danger, disease, starvation and cruelty.

Have you ever seen a lost pet in your neighborhood? Have you heard a pet pitifully crying in the night? YOU ARE THEIR GUARDIAN ANGEL, MAYBE THEIR ONLY HOPE.

There are plenty of things you can do, click here to read the article from the HSUS latest bulletin. If we were all this diligent and prepared to act, imagine how many pet lives we would save.



Musings of a Troubled Mind

Yesterday, the cover story of the Honolulu Advertiser was an article about abused dogs (64 of them) that were about the be returned to the abusive owner after they were seized from his property last year. The owner has about a month to give away or sell the pets, by court order.

According the the paper, the Humane Society took the pets last year and assumed responsibilty for their care (2 females had litters in that year), a bill which totalled more than a quarter of a million dollars. The Humane Society wanted to place the pets up for adoption. Instead, the court has returned the animals to the owner with the caveat that he get rid of most of them, allowing him the possibility to place them with family or friends and still have access and control over them. The accused was fined a few thousand dollars and received a suspended jail sentence of about six months, which he will never serve. Not only that, but 3 days following the removal of the pets, the state also removed three minor children from the residence and order the accused to undergo psychological counseling and even parenting classes.

So onto the musings.....Hooray for the Hawaiian Humane Society and all the work they do. I am so proud of this organization and the efforts they make. I will continue to support them monetarily when possible and donate my old blankets and sheets, dog food, kitty litter, etc whenever possible so that work like this may continue.

Now for the ugly. Are you serious? Why give this idiot back his dogs? This decision is a PERFECT example of what is fundamentally wrong with our legal system (even our pathetic parenting in many cases)...we never seem to enforce serious consequences. We "count to three" as a warning and then never spank, see what I mean? That is not a good deterrent. Think on this...So much of all behavior is based on learning. Learning is based on consequences. If something bad happens to you, likely you will not repeat the action that caused the yucky consequence. If it was only a threat of a yucky consequence, well you may be tempted to repeat the action.

Also, a fine and some "fake" jail time are pathetic punishments for animal cruelty. Why did the court return the animals to him? Why did they refuse to let the Humane Society place the animals? Think for a moment on the foster homes where these animals were staying all these months. Those folks put their hearts on the line for these pets only to have them broken by the courts' decision. The lawyer for the accused claims his client is embarrassed and has changed his ways and learned so much from the ordeal. Hmmmm....

Now for the confusion...As a Christian, I have no right to cast judgement on my fellow man. I do not know his story, his reasons, etc. So wait a second...now I am conflicted about my own convictions on animal cruelty...You see, I always want to EDUCATE those who are making mistakes in the care of their pets, that is why I teach puppy classes in the first place. However, when the information is blatantly ignored by an owner, do I have a right to step in and make the call to the Humane Society? I have do so before with one of my neighbors. I was tempted to do so with another neighbor just last month when I discovered the emaciated state of his pet and the leg/hip injuries from a car accident that were apparently never treated. This time I chose to take them a box of sweets for the family and a huge bag of chow for the dog, with a Christmas card explaining that I have worked as a vet tech before and if they ever needed anything to let me know. Better choice? Maybe? He's still limping, he's still kinda skinny.....but he's still alive...

I don't need the world to know that the accused was a bad person. I just want to see people pay accordingly for their mistakes. I believe in the justice system in this country. If there was no foul play then this man should have walked free. He did not, yet his sentence is a mockery of justice. As disgusted as I am and as much as I have ranted, I will still pray for patience and moreso for the lives of those pets and the owner, because he needs all the help he can get.

Stupid Humans make me crazy.


Two Random Thoughts for Y'all

Number One: GO LONGHORNS!! Congrats to National Champs University of Texas on their victory (i.e. totally thrilling football action) against favored USC (puleeze)...Tonight I miss my school, miss Austin, miss the sky of Texas and wish I could go straight to campus tomorrow and buy a Tshirt at the co-op. I would imagine that Sixth Street is complete anarchy tonight and that the party will go on until classes resume next week. Way to go, Texas. In other news, the Dallas Stars schooled Vancouver tonight in hockey as well. I love sports in Texas!

Number Two: If you're thinking of a new puppy, now is a great time. After Huricane Katrina, may animals are able to roam free in deserted neighborhoods with no fencing or other means of separation control, which means lotsa breeding. That means losta puppies. Shelters are seeing a higher rate of fluffy monsters than normal, according to Yahoo news reports. Imagine being able to tell folks your cute new pup is a survivor of a national disaster (very cool). Anyway, if your're in the market for a new doodlebug, check out the adoptions centers in Louisiana and Mississippi.



Great News Story...

Aloha all and Happy New Year!

Tonight I stumbled across this great news story about the restock of the New Orleans Aquarium. This facility tried valiantly to provide for the animals in their care and sadly lost to mother nature. Now they face an unbelievable challenge to restock their animals and grieve for their personal losses. It's a great example of why animals in captivity can be a GOOD thing and of the deep generosity within the zoo and aquarium community. It's also a nice piece of well written journalism, which is increasingly difficult to find these days.

If you live near a zoo or aquarium, pay a visit soon! We celebrated New Year's Day by a visit to the Bishop Museum in Honolulu (wonderful new science wing!) and it was great fun for both of us. What's more is that it puts funds into the museum/zoo/aquarium hands and they can continue to thrive (and like in the article, they can generously contribute to save a fellow facility when disaster strikes). One visit can mean support for an exhibit or even an animal habitat! Be sure to check that the zoo or aquarium is an accreditaed AZA facilty; these are top notch places that meet a high standard of animal care...Enjoy your trip!!


What YOU can do....

Have you ever suspected abuse of animals/pets in your neighborhood?

Do you know if your local Humane Society has a branch for investigations?

Last week while having lunch with a coworker, she mentioned her neighbor who walks his dog in front of her home. This man blantanly abuses the dog while they are on the walk, including whipping the pet with its leash. She has seen it many times and was telling me how upset it made her especially when her 2 year old son is in sight. I asked her if she had ever reported it. Bless her good heart, she did not even know that was possible!

In Hawaii, our local humane society has a terrific webpage, where you can find many links to all sorts of resources (housebreaking tips, local bark parks, etc) including info on how to report animal abuse. By calling them and opening a report, you initiate an investigation.

I have done this myself and let me tell you how pleased I was with the results. A neighbor of mine has 4 pit bulls who roam free in his yard and often escape. I have no prejudices against pits, but when one broke through my fence and encountered my dogs, I was severly upset. I also witnessed the pits fighting many times on their property and saw no real effort by the owners to break up the fight or offer the dogs any medical care. I called the number and spoke to a case worker. She asked many questions and told me an officer would inspect the site and the animals. If abuse was found, appropriate measures would be taken to correct it. Within 48 hrs an officer from the Humane Society visited the property, inspected the dogs and then called me to give me his report. He let me know that the animals had no scars or wounds, appeared to be decently fed, had shelter available and that he had discussed the roaming with the owners. Other neighbors even ventured over during this visit and complained to the officer IN PERSON that they would like to see these animals better cared for.

What a satifying use of the system!! I hope my coworker calls soon about her concerns. I hope all of you will go seek out your Humane Society website and use the resources there to change the lives of pets you know as well. I recommend even adding the site to your bookmarks because it is a great way to keep tabs on pet news and events in your community. When there is a doggie day or local event for pets, you can bet your humane society will be involved. Good luck fighting the stupid humans!



Christmas is here!

Just a few ideas for your family and friends who have pets. I think any of these are great gift ideas for pet owners.

1. A donation in the person (or pet's ) name to a Humane Society, rescue organization, worldwide animal fund, etc. It shows your loved ones that you support their love of animals.

2. Kong Toys. These nearly indestructable toys can be refilled with any number of inventive treats. This toy is genius because it stimulates the animal mentally/physically as it tries to work the treat out of the toy and also is an unbelievably safe item for dogs. They last for years and the owner is apt to enjoy watching the pet use the toy, or even take advantage of the free time while the pet is occupied.

3. Gift certificates. Try your local pet store or even your vet. Many vets allow for credits to be left on an account for the next visit. You can prepay for FIDO's next nail trim or bag of Greenies, etc.

4. Classes. Agility, obedience, trick classes. Most owners would love this idea as a way to spend more time with their pet.

5. Accessories. Not sweater and hats, mind you, but maybe a new dish, collar, leash. Most owners make do with what they have but would happily accept new items if offered!

6. If you have a neighbor, friend, relative who may be struggling, try leaving an extra bag of food/litter by the door. Stress about making ends meet during the holidays is awful and you can help alleviate that and ensure their pet is well cared for. Plus, this feels awesome!

Good luck with you shopping everybody, enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas...

Wanna Go For A Ride?

Today after I left the post office, I noticed a van parked in the lot with 2 poodles inside. The windows were cracked a few inches and the car was not in direct sunlight. The temp outside was at least 85 degrees. This pissed me off (I explain why in a sec) and I decided to wait a few moments until either the owner returned or until it would be necessary for me to intervene (fortunately the owner returned an excruciating six mintues later and her dogs were apparently okay).

No big deal, right? Wrong. Being left in a car is the #1 cause of heatstroke in canines every year. A car, EVEN WITH WINDOWS OPEN, can easily become an oven. Temps inside of cars in sunlight can soar 10-30 degrees PER MINUTE!! This becomes lethal to a dog. See, it has nothing to do with how hot the car is, it has to do with how hot your dog is internally. Their normal body temp is about 101 - 102 degrees. As they rise above 104/105 range, deadly consequences are possible. This happens when dogs cannot release body heat fast enough, through their skin or by panting (which helps evaporate moisture from the lungs). Your dogs' temp can rise this high even if the internal car temp is still below 100 degrees.

What to do? ACT!! If you ever see a dog in a car, go and take a closer look. Rapid breathing, dry mouth, grey lips or very red lips can indicate a severe problem has already developed. Try to locate the owner. Call police, humane society, etc. As a last resort, smash the window and rescue the animal yourself, believe me, the authorities will have to do the same and the owner may thank you for saving the pets' life. I would happily apologize to an angry owner and pay the costs of the smashed window if it meant that I could save the pet. Finally, set a good example yourself. Never leave a dog unattended if you can help it. In Janimal's dream world, I'd win the lottery and then donate a huge chunk to HSUS, then establish a PSA campaign to educate our nation's public to be better pet owners...when's the next drawing?

Fight the Stupid Humans,