What's Wrong With People?

I have a big problem with the human race. Why do we domesticate an animal and then refuse to care for a species that is now dependant on us? Here, let me give you a specific example....

Yesterday I was reading a bulletin on the Humane Society of the United States website

This is a story about a so-called "rescue organization" in Arkansas. A local couple operated a dog shelter housing 477 dogs, over a hundred of which were rescued from hurricane Katrina. These dogs were kept in atrocious conditions and the couple who owned the property were arrested and face conviction of a misdemeanor of animal cruelty. The TRUE CRIME here is that Arkansas law isn't so fierce when punishing this offense; a maximum of 1 year in prison and a $1,000 fine. what a sad, pathetic joke. Voters, get active and change that, will you? The good news is that these animals are now receiving proper care, food shelter, etc(Thank you, HSUS). However, the courts must now decide whether or not to leave the dogs with the couple (who are obviously incapable of providing care for this many animals).

Okay, so here's my beef. What the heck is wrong with someone that they take on the responsibility of a life (in this case 477!!) and then fail to provide adequate care for it? What are all those crazies thinking? Since when did it become acceptable to do this? I see this crap all the time in my own neighborhood. I live in a lower class, blue collar neighborhood. Many people have dogs. Many have pit bulls. Many of them are not well cared for. I have 4 dogs of my own to feed, yet I feel like I must watch out for the rest of the animals in my area. I am not afraid to call the local humane society if I suspect cruelty. I am also not above buying a bag of food and leaving it on my neighbor's porch so that their pet does not starve. I just get frustrated by the whole situation. It does not have to be this way. But so many people oppose one of the best remedies....

Many people oppose kill shelters. I have even heard someone say, "I won't adopt a dog from that shelter because they are a kill shelter". What a stupid notion. Now, brace yourself for this next statement. I would rather see a dog spend its last few days in a shelter, fat and happy, safe from rain and wind and then die a humane death in the hands of a caring volunteer than to see it in my neighborhood slowly starving to death and chained to a tree with no shelter from the elements and no escape from local children who taunt it mercilessly. If you disagree, I feel sorry for you and your pets.

So my question is this...what the heck is wrong with people? If you have a pet, give it proper care. If you want to adopt, don't discriminate among shelters. Any well-run shelter may house the perfect pet for you, so consider them all, will you?. If you see animal abuse, report it. If you have the means, donate them; your time, your care, a bag of food, a dish of water. The point of all this is not to condemn the people who do these horrible things and then burn them at the stake (although tempting as that is) but it is more about educating them. Why is that dog chained up outside? Did he pee in the house? Bark too much? Was it something that could be fixed? Do you have the means to care for this pet? Can you prove that to a local shelter? Can local organizations (vets and trainers) help the public become better caretakers of these poor animals? I truly believe so. If you own a pet, good for you! Thanks for saving a life. Every day you provide humane care is another day of life that you save for that pet. Keep up the good work and help your neighbors to do the same. I will too.