What YOU can do....

Have you ever suspected abuse of animals/pets in your neighborhood?

Do you know if your local Humane Society has a branch for investigations?

Last week while having lunch with a coworker, she mentioned her neighbor who walks his dog in front of her home. This man blantanly abuses the dog while they are on the walk, including whipping the pet with its leash. She has seen it many times and was telling me how upset it made her especially when her 2 year old son is in sight. I asked her if she had ever reported it. Bless her good heart, she did not even know that was possible!

In Hawaii, our local humane society has a terrific webpage, where you can find many links to all sorts of resources (housebreaking tips, local bark parks, etc) including info on how to report animal abuse. By calling them and opening a report, you initiate an investigation.

I have done this myself and let me tell you how pleased I was with the results. A neighbor of mine has 4 pit bulls who roam free in his yard and often escape. I have no prejudices against pits, but when one broke through my fence and encountered my dogs, I was severly upset. I also witnessed the pits fighting many times on their property and saw no real effort by the owners to break up the fight or offer the dogs any medical care. I called the number and spoke to a case worker. She asked many questions and told me an officer would inspect the site and the animals. If abuse was found, appropriate measures would be taken to correct it. Within 48 hrs an officer from the Humane Society visited the property, inspected the dogs and then called me to give me his report. He let me know that the animals had no scars or wounds, appeared to be decently fed, had shelter available and that he had discussed the roaming with the owners. Other neighbors even ventured over during this visit and complained to the officer IN PERSON that they would like to see these animals better cared for.

What a satifying use of the system!! I hope my coworker calls soon about her concerns. I hope all of you will go seek out your Humane Society website and use the resources there to change the lives of pets you know as well. I recommend even adding the site to your bookmarks because it is a great way to keep tabs on pet news and events in your community. When there is a doggie day or local event for pets, you can bet your humane society will be involved. Good luck fighting the stupid humans!



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