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Aloha all and Happy New Year!

Tonight I stumbled across this great news story about the restock of the New Orleans Aquarium. This facility tried valiantly to provide for the animals in their care and sadly lost to mother nature. Now they face an unbelievable challenge to restock their animals and grieve for their personal losses. It's a great example of why animals in captivity can be a GOOD thing and of the deep generosity within the zoo and aquarium community. It's also a nice piece of well written journalism, which is increasingly difficult to find these days.

If you live near a zoo or aquarium, pay a visit soon! We celebrated New Year's Day by a visit to the Bishop Museum in Honolulu (wonderful new science wing!) and it was great fun for both of us. What's more is that it puts funds into the museum/zoo/aquarium hands and they can continue to thrive (and like in the article, they can generously contribute to save a fellow facility when disaster strikes). One visit can mean support for an exhibit or even an animal habitat! Be sure to check that the zoo or aquarium is an accreditaed AZA facilty; these are top notch places that meet a high standard of animal care...Enjoy your trip!!


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