Two Random Thoughts for Y'all

Number One: GO LONGHORNS!! Congrats to National Champs University of Texas on their victory (i.e. totally thrilling football action) against favored USC (puleeze)...Tonight I miss my school, miss Austin, miss the sky of Texas and wish I could go straight to campus tomorrow and buy a Tshirt at the co-op. I would imagine that Sixth Street is complete anarchy tonight and that the party will go on until classes resume next week. Way to go, Texas. In other news, the Dallas Stars schooled Vancouver tonight in hockey as well. I love sports in Texas!

Number Two: If you're thinking of a new puppy, now is a great time. After Huricane Katrina, may animals are able to roam free in deserted neighborhoods with no fencing or other means of separation control, which means lotsa breeding. That means losta puppies. Shelters are seeing a higher rate of fluffy monsters than normal, according to Yahoo news reports. Imagine being able to tell folks your cute new pup is a survivor of a national disaster (very cool). Anyway, if your're in the market for a new doodlebug, check out the adoptions centers in Louisiana and Mississippi.



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