Could Someone Please Explain Crazy to Me?

This is crazy. Somebody explain this to me, please. Really, I am serious, I do not understand how these things happen within humanity.

In 2005, Colombian police raided a drug establishment where they found 10 puppies. Six of these Labrador pups had three grams each of heroin surgically implanted in their abdomens. Three pups died from infection post-op, the rest have been rescued and are doing well. One is even being trained by the police to become a drug-sniffing dog (that rocks).

I have never taken drugs. I have never even been offered drugs, never even seen any form of commonly known illegal susbstances whatsoever. Granted, my view of the drug world is skewed. But how the hell anyone thinks they could use an animal to conceal drugs is abso-freaking-lutely moonbat insane.

I am a sensitive person, I grudgingly admit I am easily shocked. But I am even more easily motivated into action against people like this - excuse me, not people but moonbat insane crackpot dirtbag lame-o's like this. Be warned you freaks of nature who don't derserve the right to call yourselves human...the rest of the animal loving world WILL NOT tolerate this kind of disgusting abuse. We have eyes to watch you, ears to listen for your suffering pet and mouths to speak out in protest of your pathtic behavior.

Kudos to the Colombian police for their rescue efforts.

Fight on, friends.


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